Test & Simulation

Une suite complète d’outils de test et de simulation est disponible pour l’ARINC 818 : cartes d’acquisition, générateurs graphiques, analyseurs de protocole, outils de test de robustesse, langages de script et convertisseurs.

  • Techway Switch
  • ATEs
  • Test de production
  • Vérification & validation
  • Laboratoire de simulation


An ARINC 818 Protocol Analyzer captures ARINC 818 video and provides a complete analysis at the byte, ADVB frame, video line, and video frame levels to verify ADVB packets to assure that they align with the ARINC 818 standard and protocol. Additionally, it evaluates line and frame timing, unlike FC analyzers, which are data centric.

Cartes d’acquisition

Frame Grabber cards are used to transmit and receive ARINC 818 video streams. They convert video, are video generators. Frame Grabbers are used in multiple phases of an aerospace engineering program to include; engineering, simulation labs, qualification testing, flight testing and production testing. They are used in large area display (LAD) and conventional display development, avionics video, ATP for production displays, and cockpit simulators. These cards test ARINC 818 systems and diagnosing the health of the video links.

Common features:

  • Frame Grabber, Video Generator, ARINC 818 to/from DVI
  • Full-featured test applications
  • Optional Windows and Linux SDKs available


Switches can provide real-time ARINC 818 switching, splitting, or broadcasting. Most ARINC 818 switches are built with FPGA technology and provide high-density optical interfaces. Switches maintain real-time switching without interruption to ensure that video frames remain intact and are not corrupted. ARINC 818 switches are used in many avionics applications.


ARINC 818 converters can be either stand-alone modules or embedded products. They offer flexibility in converting to or from ARINC 818 in a variety of video formats such as DVI, RS-170, STANEG 3350, HD-SDI, and VGA for flight in both commercial and military applications. Converters may be used to generate test patterns for continuity tests and equipment checks.

Outils de robustesse

Robustness tools can quickly test nearly any ARINC 818 interface. With these tools, you can test ARINC 818 receivers in cockpit displays, flight recorders, or switches. A user can easily inject multiple types of errors into an ARINC 818 stream. Packet CRC errors to all ADVB frames or to selected frames; Ordered Set Errors (missing or corrupted ordered sets), container count errors, and sequence count errors.  Create configurations with slightly different frame, line, or image timing. Robustness tools are invaluable in validating the robustness of an implementation against errors and timing variation. It is also used during DO-254 validation to generate error sequences that trigger fault logic.